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lenovo thinkpad p40 flip

Lenovo's new ThinkPads include a 2-in-1 Yoga designed for digital ink masters

Lenovo has three new workstations coming in 2016 including a new Yoga aimed at sketchy types.

hololen hardware

Microsoft launches a contest: Give us your great HoloLens app idea, and we'll build it

Microsoft wowed tech enthusiasts with its HoloLens augmented reality headset, and now it's looking for software to run the hardware. The winner of the contest, which runs through early January, will be able to interact with Microsoft developers as they turn the idea into an app.

Just Cause 3

AMD's beta drivers help with Just Cause 3 PC performance issues, says Square Enix

Nvidia users, look for the new driver update released this morning and then cross your fingers until they go numb.

moto360 sport1a

Fitness-focused Moto 360 Sport will be ready for your workouts in January

Motorola's newest smartwatch adds GPS, sweat-resistant construction, and several fitness tracking add-ons.

google saved images

New Google mobile search feature lets you save and sort images from the web

Similar to Pinterest, you can tap your way to photo-collection bliss when looking up images in any mobile browser.

chrome for android

Chrome for Android's data saver mode to slice out images on slow connections

The new feature, which promises 70 percent data savings, is rolling out first to India and Indonesia for testing.


DirecTV promises live 4K channels in early 2016

First came 4K streaming, now comes traditional TV, as DirecTV vows UltraHD channels in early 2016.

windows 10 hp stream

Windows 10 usage overtakes Windows XP (by one count)

It took four months, but Windows 10 is now more widely-used than Windows XP by one metric.

amd radeon

AMD pushes Crimson driver fan speed hotfix after reports of overheating Radeon cards

AMD's new Software Radeon Crimson recently exited beta, and with it came drivers that caused some systems to lock fan performance to 20 percent regardless of the workload.


Microsoft Store kicks off 12 daily deals with a chunky HP convertible

Microsoft's "12 Days of Deals" could be a good time to buy a bloatware-free Windows PC.


Ho Ho No extension for Chrome lets you Grinch on Christmas until you're ready

Technically, the Christmas season has begun, but if you aren't ready for good tidings and cheer this Chrome extension helps you keep online references to Christmas at bay.

AT&T logo on Boston store

AT&T's raising the prices of legacy unlimited data plans

It's not the $20 that Verizon charged, but AT&T will ask you to pay more for your grandfathered unlimited plan starting in 2016.

nvidia shield tv primary

As Nvidia Shield TV console games fail to appear, Pro buyers get a consolation prize

Nvidia Shield Android TV's biggest console games have been “coming soon” for six months now.

galaxynote4 2

Samsung appoints new mobile boss to replace J.K. Shin

Samsung Electronics has appointed D.J. Koh, head of mobile research and development, as the new chief of the company's mobile business.


Mozilla seeks a new home for Thunderbird as it focuses on Firefox

The decision follows the Mozilla foundation's move in 2012 not to focus development resources on Thunderbird