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microsoft 10 cent deals

Last chance for Microsoft's 10-cent deals on movie, apps and music

Microsoft extends its 10-cent content deals for one last day, but you'll need to own a Microsoft device to take advantage of them.

adobe premiere clip android

Adobe's Premiere Clip brings its video editing capabilities to Android

Adobe's mobile video editor comes just in time for editing all those adorable home movies you'll make over the holidays.

Panasonic TC 50cx400u

Panasonic introduces bargain-priced 4K TVs to woo holiday shoppers

The Japanese manufacturer's entry-level CX-series models start at $800.


Cyber Monday Deals on PS4s, Nest, Laptops & more

See our picks for the best electronics deals from Cyber Monday

street view climate change

Google uses its Street View service to document the impact of climate change

You can get a close-up of many parts of the world that have seen dramatic changes due to the world's rising temperatures.

Light-based 'Li-Fi' beams data 100 times faster than Wi-Fi

A so-called Li-Fi network can transmit data 100 times faster than regular Wi-Fi, as long as nothing gets in its way.

house of cards 4k

4K torrents from Netflix and Amazon hint at cracked copy protection

With 4K torrents emerging from Netflix and Amazon, Hollywood’s attempts to down 4K video may be short-lived.

word primary 100025314 large

How to use Microsoft Word's Styles to automate formatting of large blocks of text

Headers, subheads, footnotes, and regular paragraphs all need their own look. Word's styles can make that all easy.

Home Biogas

This biodigester promises to turn your food scraps into usable cooking gas

HomeBiogas’ system produces up to three hours of cooking gas, plus liquid fertilizer for your garden.


Amazon Fire TV with Voice Remote

Amazon switches on Fire TV's smart home voice controls

Amazon's Fire TV now lets you dim your living room smart bulbs with Alexa voice commands.

amd radeon

AMD pushing Crimson driver fan speed hotfix after reports of overheating Radeon cards

AMD's new Software Radeon Crimson recently exited beta, and with it came drivers that caused some systems to lock fan performance to 20 percent regardless of the workload.

skype for business desktop sharing

Microsoft's new premium Office 365 subscription for businesses is here

Companies that want almost all of the new features Microsoft is cramming into its Office 365 productivity service can now get them through a new subscription the company launched Tuesday.

powerapps on any device

Microsoft's new service makes app developers out of everyday employees

Microsoft just unveiled a new beta service on Monday that's supposed to help anyone to build an app -- no software development experience required.

priv 0201

BlackBerry will fully exit Pakistan over government surveillance demands

BlackBerry has decided not to operate in Pakistan after Dec. 30, rather than let the local government intercept communications on its enterprise services.

bf cyber monday doorbuster

Cyber Monday tech deals that truly save you serious money

We've sifted through the ads and the deals-that-aren't-really-deals to find Cyber Monday tech sales that absolutely, positively don't suck.