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Assassin's Creed Syndicate

Assassin's Creed Syndicate hands-on: Top-hats, bobbies, and a bit o' ultraviolence

The ghost of Assassin's Creeds Past comes to haunt us in Victorian London. It's up to Ubisoft to alter these shadows and find something original to say in the tenth game. We go hands-on to see what's changed—and what hasn't.

Corsair Strafe RGB

Corsair and Cherry develop new 'silent' Cherry MX Red mechanical keyboard switch

Love mechanical keyboards but don't love the noise? Corsair and Cherry have a new solution.

Corsair Void Wireless

Corsair adds RGB lighting, new logo to 2015's headset and mouse lineup

Four new headsets MMO mouse? In 2015? You better believe it.

istock 000024376893large

Cut the cord and leave cable TV behind

Don't be afraid to get rid of your cable. Streaming and download services will ensure that you don't miss any of your favorite shows or movies.

6050 asic hbm 4k 01

AMD is working on a new Linux graphics driver to catch up with Nvidia

Driver woes have held Radeon graphics cards back on Linux, but AMD's hoping its forthcoming software can give it an edge.

Victor Vran

Victor Vran review: Your loot is your class in this addictive Diablo-like RPG

Already blasted through the new Path of Exile content? Need an aRPG pick-me-up? Give Victor Vran a shot, provided you don't have a crippling fear of fedoras.

android l lollipop

Nine months after launch, Lollipop is only on 18 percent of Android devices

The latest platform distribution numbers show how dismal Android's OS fragmentation really is.

istock 000039089378large

Secure your fortress with the Internet of Things

Here's how bringing the Internet of Things into your home can help you keep danger at bay.


Windows 10 will fix the Xbox One’s disastrous UI this November

With Windows 10 as the backbone, Microsoft’s game console should get much faster and easier to use.

cropped and highlighted new features coming to outlook on the web 1

Office 365's Outlook web interface spruces up with new features and a sleeker look

If you check your email in your browser, you'll want to check out these new Office 365 Outlook for web changes.

chrome beta android

Chrome Beta 45 adds custom tab feature to speed up in-app browsing

The browser update also brings a new bookmarks interface and better media playback controls.

halo wars

Halo coming to Windows 10 in 2016... sort of

Okay, so it's just Halo Wars 2, not a full-fledged Halo game. But still.

bittorrent sync logo

BitTorrent Sync's cloudless file syncing adds mobile productivity features

BitTorrent Sync for mobile is great if you just want to view files sent to you from PCs. Now, Sync taps into your smartphone or tablet's productive side.


Xbox One is getting over-the-air DVR, with caveats

Users will need to bring their own hard drives, and the existing Xbox TV tuner can’t watch and record shows at the same time.