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Google Jump eases virtual reality creation with camera hardware, assembler software and YouTube

Google just lowered the barrier to entry for stereoscopic VR, making the hardware, software, and player broadly available (though not all free).


Major MMO WildStar is dropping paid subscriptions and switching to free-to-play

And since Elder Scrolls Online already made the jump, that makes us two-for-two on F2P predictions.

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Android M's major new features, from Android Pay to awesome app permissions

Now that Android L has given Google's mobile operating system a makeover, Android M focuses on polishing the user experience.

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The best Google Cardboard VR apps

Games, concerts, and other immersive virtual reality experiences—and many are available for free.


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Cut the cord and leave cable TV behind

Don't be afraid to get rid of your cable. Streaming and download services will ensure that you don't miss any of your favorite shows or movies.

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IDC: Windows 10 won't save declining PC market

The arrival of Windows 10 won't lead to a surge in PC sales, IDC predicts.

Google Expedition

Google Expeditions gives schoolkids Google Cardboard and phones so they can go to the moon

Google is making kits for teachers to take students on virtual-reality tours of the world, using Google Cardboard headsets.

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How to get started with Cardboard, Google's DIY virtual reality headset

Want to strap your smartphone to your face? It's cheap and relatively easy.

The Internet of Things and the currency of privacy

Getting ready to check the "agree" box on that User Agreement? Read this first.

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HBO Now cut loose from Apple exclusivity, is coming to Chromecast and Android devices

Let the binge watching begin, starting this summer.

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Offline access: Google's plan to attract the next billion users

Google announces plans to allow users to access and cache apps offline, from Maps to YouTube.

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Google will personalize the Play Store with better discoverability and parental controls

From a customized storefront for everyone, to special filters and controls for parents, the Google Play Store will make it easier to find the apps and content you want.


Nvidia Shield hands-on: The first high-end Android TV box ships today, rife with features

Shield is much pricier than your average set-top box, but aims to justify its $200 price tag with 4K streaming and a bunch of gaming options.

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Google tweaks its cloud tech to make push notifications more meaningful to you

Google's unified cloud messaging API now extends to iOS devices, and websites are getting in on the action, too.

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Google launches new Photos app with editing tools and free unlimited storage

Google spins out the best parts of Google+ into new stand-alone app.