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Just Say No to Return E-Mail Receipt Requests

I've been receiving more e-mail messages lately that request permission to send the author a return receipt. All I need to top off the stress caused by an in-box full of unresolved e-mail is the knowledge that the senders know I'm ignoring them. That's why I reject all return receipt requests by default. To do so in Outlook 2002 and 2003, choose Tools, Options, click E-Mail Options (under the Preferences tab), and then click Tracking Options. Select Never send a response at the bottom of the dialog box, and click OK. In Outlook Express, choose Tools, Options, Receipts, select Never send a read receipt, and click OK. In Mozilla/Netscape Mail, choose Edit, Preferences, highlight Return Receipts under 'Mail & Newsgroups' in the Category window, select Never send a return receipt, and click OK. You're set.

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