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News: Sync Your Cell With Outlook

Many newer cell phones allow you to import Microsoft Outlook contact information. If your model doesn't have that feature, though, you might get lucky with Intellisync Phone Edition ($35). According to the company, the software lets you transfer contact data to LG's VX10 and VX4400; Motorola's V60, V120, and T720 series; Nokia's 3590, 6310i, and 8265 models; and Samsung's SCH-a310. You'll need a USB cable ($35) to connect your phone to your computer.

News: A Place to Store Your Pictures

Verizon Wireless subscribers with camera phones can now store their pictures at the Kodak Mobile Web site. The site, run by Kodak's Ofoto unit, also lets you create photo albums and send them to others over a wireless phone (which can eat up your minutes) or from an Internet-connected computer. AT&T Wireless and Cingular Wireless already offer a similar service to their subscribers. For more details about the Verizon Wireless/Kodak partnership, read the press release.

News: Nokia's Laptop-Look-Alike

Like a flashy starlet, the Nokia Communicator 9500 made a big splash recently in Cannes. The 9500 is the company's first handset that combines a tri-band cell phone with Wi-Fi connectivity in a device that looks like a small notebook. Expected to be available later this year, the 9500 is aimed at enterprise users who need hot-spot Wi-Fi Internet access and a cell phone but for whom it is not practical to carry a notebook.

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