Mobile Computing: Are Hot Spots Safe?

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News: Office on Wheels

Most likely, many of you have already turned your car into a makeshift office. But in the near future, your car could actually be your office.

At the recent Cebit trade show in Germany, Intel and BMW showed a prototype BMW 7 Series car, which includes a Tablet PC in the armrest of the back seat, a Bluetooth-enabled printer and fax machine, and a wireless network access point. But don't rev your engines just yet.

"It's just a prototype," says Christian Morales, general manager of Intel's Europe, Middle East, and Africa operations. "But the automotive industry is working on these types of advances."

An Intel representative didn't specify when such a vehicle would be for sale. Read more about it.

News: Storage for Multimedia Phones

SanDisk's new Reduced Size-MultiMediaCard is a removable flash memory card about half the size of a standard Secure Digital card. The new RS-MMC format can fit into any MMC or SD media slot and is designed especially for multimedia-capable cell phones. The card will come in 32MB, 64MB, and 128MB capacities, according to SanDisk.

"Every mobile phone manufacturer is adding a ... flash card slot to provide storage for multimedia files," says Bob Goligoski, a company spokesperson.

News: Simplified Handheld Surfing

Surfing the Web on a mobile phone or PDA is kind of like traveling across town on a Segway, the self-balancing two-wheeled human transporter: It's cool, but not exactly efficient. A new service, Handmark Express, is designed to make your handheld Web outings speedier. The subscription service ($7 per month) delivers Web content such as news, weather, movie listings, stocks, sports, and maps that is specially formatted for Internet-connected Palm OS- and Windows Mobile-based devices. PC World's Yardena Arar was impressed by the speed and simplicity of a beta version she tested.

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