Is E-Voting Safe?

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On the Inside: E-Voting Machine Spec Check

Most (85 percent) of the e-voting machines that will be used this November are built by one of three companies: Diebold Election Systems, Election Systems & Software, and Sequoia Voting Systems. Here's what the machines are made of.

Diebold Accuvote-TS

  • 400-MHz Intel PXA-255 CPU
  • Windows CE
  • 64MB of flash memory
  • Removable 32MB-128MB PCMCIA smart card for vote storage
  • 9-by-12-inch touch screen

ES&S IVotronic

  • 25-MHz Intel 386EX CPU
  • Proprietary OS
  • Three 2MB NVRAM audit log and image storage caches
  • Removable NVRAM or 16MB-196MB CompactFlash for vote storage
  • 13.5-by-10.4-inch touch screen

Sequoia Voting Systems

  • National Semiconductor Geode CPU (300-MHz Pentium equivalent)
  • Proprietary OS
  • 32MB (or greater) CompactFlash
  • Removable 128MB (or greater) PCMCIA card for vote storage
  • 9-by-12-inch touch screen
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