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X-Doria's Defense 360 for the iPhone 4/4S is lightweight, but unreliable

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  • X-Doria Defense 360 (for iPhone 4/4S)

X-Doria describes its $30 Defense 360 case for the iPhone 4/4S as a two-piece polycarbonate protective shield that wraps your iPhone in a complete barrier or protection. Though the thinness and design are impressive, the case’s construction doesn’t hold up to everyday use.

Installation of the Defense 360 is easy—you snap your iPhone into the main section that covers the sides and back of the iPhone much like any other shell case does. Then, you snap the front cover on. The front piece not only covers the face and Multi-Touch screen of the iPhone, but also the bottom and top sections usually left open by most shell cases. This case is offered in five different shades of translucent color variations.

The Defense 360 has an individual cutout for every port and opening found on the iPhone. I was very impressed with how well the cut-outs actually lined up, especially with the features that are on the front of the iPhone— like the Home button, front camera, and proximity sensor, which are all perfectly centered.

That's where my love affair with the Defense 360 ends. When it comes to protection for my iPhone, the most important element I consider is whether or not it will survive a fall from about four feet high—approximately the height I hold my iPhone when I'm standing. Anything else provides me with a false sense of security, and I'd rather have no case on at all then go down that road.

Aside from the accurate placement of the cutouts, the build quality of the Defense 360 is problematic. X-Doria describes the Defense 360 as being having a tough polycarbonate construction, but the case is actually quite thin and lightweight. I can't help but wish it were a little more substantial. The front panel started to bow after the initial installation, and the back panel shows every scratch on it as though I had been using it for months, not days. The concept is admirable, but the execution of the design certainly left me wanting more.

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At a Glance
  • X-Doria Defense 360 (for iPhone 4/4S)

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