PDA Picks for School

At a Glance
  • AlphaSmart Dana

  • T-Mobile SIDEKICK COLOR VSW /T-MOBILE W/SIM (T-Mobile-610214609243)

  • Palm Tungsten T3


  • AlphaSmart Dana Wireless

  • Palm Wireless Keyboard (Palm Computing-P10946U)

  • Palm Ultra-Thin Keyboard (Palm Computing-P10900U)

  • Tapwave Zodiac

  • Sony Ericsson T637

  • HP iPAQ H5555 PDA

  • Dell Axim X30 PDA

  • Dell External Foldable Keyboard for Dell Axim X3/X3i/X30 Handhelds

A mother recently took her college-bound son shopping for a personal digital assistant. He wanted a PDA to carry his addresses, to-do items, and schedule with him around campus.

But once inside the vast electronics store, after browsing the aisles, the two were soon wracked by indecision. Should they buy a Palm or a Pocket PC? A cell phone/PDA hybrid? How much should they spend? Should it have Wi-Fi wireless networking built in or not?

The hapless shoppers eventually located a sales clerk. "What do you recommend for a PDA?" the son asked, anxiously.

The clerk blinked. "I don't know," he responded. "I just work here."

True story? Nah. But given the level of help you get in some electronics stores, the story is true enough. Besides, my point is: Students (or their parents) who are just starting to research a PDA purchase are subject to confusion at best and buyer's remorse at worst.

To help you avoid such a dire fate, we've got the advice you need. Here are the five key considerations to take into account before buying a PDA.

At a Glance
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