Auction Stores Do EBay Selling for You

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DIY Drudgery

Our own auctions on EBay were far more cumbersome: They took us over 8 hours of work, from photographing to boxing and mailing the items.

Of course, we pocketed all the proceeds from our own auctions, minus only the EBay and PayPal fees (about 10 percent). In contrast, we ended up with less than half of the money from the stores' auctions after the initial fee, sales tax, and commission were taken out. If all you want is a more lucrative alternative to Goodwill, give these services a shot; if you want to maximize your profit, do it yourself.

Remember, though: However useful these drop-off stores are, EBay has no ownership of them, explains Hani Durzy, EBay spokesperson. That doesn't mean EBay isn't happy to have the stores in action (more auctions ultimately mean more fees for the company). But if you have a dispute with a particular store, it's between you and them. EBay is not involved. Also, you can't sell just anything on EBay. Go here for the company's list of restricted and prohibited items.

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