Auction Stores Do EBay Selling for You

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A Survival Guide to Drop-Off Selling

Ina Steiner, editor of auction news site, offers a few guidelines to keep in mind when choosing a drop-off store.

Check feedback ratings: Get the store's EBay user ID, which may not be the same as the store's name. Then, look at its rating, a sign of how buyers have liked that store's service. Also note how long it has been an EBay seller.

Look at the store's auctions: Do you like the presentation? Are the descriptions informative and persuasive? How good are the photos?

Research collectibles: If you know or suspect your item is rare or valuable, ask if the store has particular expertise in the subject--most won't. You will probably have to do a little legwork to get a good idea of a fair minimum selling price.

Get references: Follow up with a store's prior customers to learn about their experiences.

Hayden Spring and Arthur D. Thorsberg Jr. contributed to this report.

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