NEC MultiSync LCD1735NXM

NEC MultiSync LCD1735NXM
Artwork: Rick Rizner, John Goddard

There's nothing on the bezel of NEC's MultiSync LCD1735NXM to distract you from the screen. This attractive monitor forgoes all visible buttons except the power button, replacing the other typical buttons with light-up, touch-sensitive membrane buttons in the base. Though all the usual controls are present, their unobtrusiveness makes the interface look clean and sleek. We'd have liked to see the same attention to design in physical adjustability, but the LCD1735NXM offers tilt only. The speakers, mounted below the screen in a cylinder, have grills visible only from the side; although this alignment looks great, the sound fails to impress, even compared to other built-in speakers. The LCD1735NXM received a rating of Outstanding for text, on the strength of high scores on our various text screen examples. It displayed brilliant color on our test screen of fruit, but skin tones looked a little washed out on our shot of people; the monitor earned an overall graphics rating of Very good.

The NEC MultiSync LCD1735NXM's light-up controls look great, as does its text display.

Laura Blackwell

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