Iomega Readies Wireless Storage Device

Iomega will soon ship its first network-attached storage device equipped with wireless networking technology. The product, dubbed the NAS 100d, is targeted at small-office and home-office users looking for an inexpensive storage device to put on their networks, Iomega says.

Compact Network Storage

The new 100d is a scaled down version of Iomega's more expensive NAS 200d. "The 100d is more of an entry-level box," says Wayne Arvidson, director of professional storage solutions for Iomega.

The unit will cost $499 for the 160GB version, and $599 for the 250GB version; by contrast, the 320GB NAS 200d sells for $1399.

Physically, the box is compact--it measures 8 inches by 5 inches by 3.5 inches--making it well-suited for use in small-office environments. Inside, the unit lacks some of the higher-end features found on the 200D, such as Windows Storage Server 2003 OS and RAID support. But the 100d series has plenty of functionality, nonetheless.

The unit uses an embedded OS, based on X-Scale architecture, and is easy to install; just connect it into your network and configure the device using a Web browser. Unlike some network hard disks, such as Ximeta's NetDisk, the 100d is immediately recognized on the network, without requiring each client PC to install a separate applet.

Wireless Connectivity, Backups

Iomega says the 100d has integrated 802.11b/g support, so it supports data transfers at up to 54 megabits per second across the wireless network. The unit relies on Wired Equivalent Privacy security. When you set up the device, you can either use the 100d as a wireless access point, or as a wireless node on an existing network.

The 100d features a simple user interface that will allow users to do automatic backups and "drag-and-drop" file restoration, using Iomega's included Automatic Backup software. The device will also come with two USB 2.0 ports so that additional storage--including a USB 2.0 hard drive or a flash media drive--can be added to the appliance, Iomega says. Later this year, Iomega says it will also support its Rev 35GB/90GB External Drive.

The 100d NAS appliance is already listed as available for order on a number of online retailers, and should ship next week.

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