The Digital Holiday Shopping List

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I Spy Wi-Fi

Photograph: Marc Simon
Want to avoid booting up your notebook to a Wi-Fi connection until you know that a network is nearby? Smith Micro Software's $29 QuickLink Mobile Wi-Fi Seeker can help. Push its single button, and four flashing lights indicate the presence and strength of an available signal. The tiny (cigarette-lighter-size) device can detect signals from up to 300 feet away.

One thing we'd change: We'd add a light for multiple signals.

Clean Machine

Photograph: Marc Simon
IRobot's $250
Roomba Discovery robotic vacuum cleaner is like a singing dog: The amazing thing isn't how well it works but that it works at all. But why criticize something that sweeps the kitchen while you enjoy dinner?

One thing we'd change: At times, it keeps sweeping floors that are already tidy.

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