The Digital Holiday Shopping List

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Jack-of-All-Trades DVD

Photograph: Marc Simon
The $249 Kanguru Slim FC-RW's sheer versatility makes it a winner. This 1.5-pound external drive is a DVD player, a CD burner, an MP3 player, and a portable flash card burner. Put a CD-R or CD-RW disc in the drive, insert any of eight types of memory cards in a side slot, and you can burn the card's contents to disc--a great way to move photos, music, or other data with or without a PC. Connect the Kanguru to a TV, and you can view the photos or watch DVD movies.

One thing we'd change: The tiny LCD window could be a tad larger and backlit for better command-code legibility.

This Disc Is in the Can

Photograph: Marc Simon
DigitalMovie media may look retro with a distinctive film reel printed right on the disc--but therein lies the charm. If you're going to make a movie, why not have it look like a reel of film? A pack of three 4.7GB discs in their own jewel cases costs $6; each disc stores up to 240 minutes of video.

One thing we'd change: We'd make the jewel cases just a little bit easier to pry open.

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