The Digital Holiday Shopping List

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Wireless Head Trip

Photograph: Marc Simon
The glorious surround-sound output that comes from Pioneer's $399 SE-DIR800C Cordless Surround Headphones is reason enough to recommend them. But even better, they're wireless--allowing you to escape the encumbrance of a cable tether. The diminutive base station supports most Dolby audio formats, and the well-padded headphones have a range of 25 to 30 feet.

One thing we'd change: The infrared wireless technology doesn't let you listen in another room than the one where the base station is located.

Memory in a Flash

Photograph: Marc Simon
Our wish list for the perfect USB flash memory key has been granted with the arrival of Imation's
1 GB USB 2.0 Swivel Flash Drive. It has a protective swivel cap that's impossible to lose, reads and writes with hard-drive--like speed (8-MBps read, 7-MBps write), and offers loads of capacity. The 1GB version is $289; a 128MB key costs $49.

One thing we'd change: A carrying case would be nice in lieu of that goofy neck strap.

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