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Silver Dollar Music

Photograph: Marc Simon
Though Virgin Electronics' $99 Wearable 128MB MP3 Player is the size of a silver dollar and weighs just half an ounce, it produces amazingly vibrant sound and holds 40 standard-length songs. The controls consist of two swivel buttons--one on either side of the player--for power, volume control, and song skipping. An armband and custom earbuds are included in the bundle. The supplied USB cable for transferring songs from the PC also charges the device. It's all so simple.

One thing we'd change: The control buttons need a lock to prevent inadvertent activation.

Work and Play: Instant DVD and TV on a Notebook

Photograph: Marc Simon
Toshiba's $2699
Qosmio looks and acts like any other laptop equipped with a 15-inch screen at first glance. But wait: The Qosmio lets you play DVDs and watch TV instantly, without having to boot the notebook's Windows XP Media Center Edition software. A high-resolution screen and Harman/Kardon stereo speakers make the Qosmio an all-in-one entertainment center. And the unit's built-in Wi-Fi lets you access the Net from wherever you are.

One thing we'd change: One remote exclusively for television and DVD functions and one remote exclusively for PC functions add up to one remote too many for our crowded living room.

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