The Digital Holiday Shopping List

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Never Get Lost Again

Photograph: Marc Simon
When you're in unfamiliar territory, it's comforting to know exactly where you are. With its comprehensive North America digital mapping package and included 2-inch-square Pharos GPS receiver, Microsoft's $129 Streets & Trips 2005 helps you find your location in time and space. Providing clear street-by-street directions and information on thousands of restaurants, gas stations, ATMs, and other services and locales, S&T lets you see where you are and plan how to get where you're going. Versions for notebook and PocketPCs are included.

One thing we'd change: The version for Pocket PCs doesn't have travelrouting capabilities.

VHS to DVD Easily

Photograph: Marc Simon
About the size of a paperback novel, Sima's $130
GoDVD CT-2 makes copying old VHS videos to DVD a snap. It even cleans up the video signals while copying any NTSC or PAL tape to DVD. The device adjusts video levels automatically and can produce copies with a crisper-looking picture than you started with.

One thing we'd change: An on-screen display would have been a handy feature for users who would like to confirm the burner's settings.

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