The Digital Holiday Shopping List

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Retro Video Games, Retro Prices

Photograph: Marc Simon
Jakks Pacific has a slew of all-in-one game devices, including a Spider-Man controller ($25) with five original games; an EA Sports model ($20) with the Sega Genesis Madden football game; Ms. Pac Man TV Games ($20) with four other arcade classics; and a World Poker Tour game ($20) with poker chips for buttons. Each comes with a joystick or game pad and is ready to run when connected to a TV.

One thing we'd change: A steering wheel controller would make the auto racing games more fun.

Desktop Weather Forecaster

Photograph: Marc Simon
Want to know what tomorrow's weather will be like? With the $160
Color Weather Station from Oregon Scientific, you need look no further than your desk. The 3.75-inch color LCD screen shows current and forecast weather conditions (indoor and outdoor temperatures, barometric pressure, and humidity) along with a dual-alarm atomic clock. Forecasts appear with amusingly hokey sound-enhanced photos.

One thing we'd change: Though the Sierra Club-type photographs are delightful eye candy, the synthesized environmental sounds have got to go.

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