Windows Tips: Six Quick Tips Help Tame Oversize Files and Folders

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Windows Toolbox: Put More of Your Favorite Folders a Single Click Away

Why yet another toolbar for Windows Explorer? Because Folder View gives you buttons representing the subfolders (or shortcuts to folders) in its Main Folder (which you choose). Right-click a button to see an 'Open in New Window' option. If the folders have subfolders, each button has a companion that shows those folders in a menu. Even though Folder View recommends that you make My Documents your Main Folder, I find it's more flexible to set the program's Main Folder to one that I create and fill with my favorite shortcuts. Folder View provides a pop-up menu of recently used folders, and you can add a menu version to the taskbar, as well as to the Open and Save dialog boxes in most programs. Last but not least, Folder View is free. Click here for your copy.

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