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I'm InTouch 4

Choose how you're alerted when someone logs in to I'm InTouch via the service's session options.
Choose how you're alerted when someone logs in to I'm InTouch via the service's session options.
I'm InTouch started out as a way to access e-mail and files remotely, even over dial-up and other low-bandwidth connections (which it still supports). The service, priced at $10 a month or $100 a year, has gradually beefed up its remote control features. But like RemotePC, I'm InTouch 4 lacks some of the key capabilities of competing services, such as remote printing.

The service does possess a number of unique capabilities, most notably remote access via BlackBerry devices; if you're a BlackBerry addict, the service's optional I'm InTouch Messenger may be the best way to log in to your PC remotely. In fact, 01 Communique claims that you can access the host using any computer or wireless device with a browser and Internet connection. You don't need to load any additional software onto the remote device, whether it's a desktop computer, a laptop, a wireless PDA, a cell phone, or an Internet kiosk, according to the company. But the definition of "desktop computer" does not appear to include Macs, at least in our testing. Even with this limitation, I'm InTouch has the broadest compatibility of any of the services we tried.

I'm InTouch also supports Webcams. When you log on to the service, it automatically sends video from any camera attached to the host--a cool way to check things out at home without buying an expensive networked Webcam.

The service's installation was straightforward, with one caveat: You must select a host PC name that isn't already in use by any other I'm InTouch user. PCs are not tied to specific user accounts, as they are in the other services we tested. This arrangement can make it tough to create a unique user name that isn't something like "Dell-4327876". I'm InTouch also seems less secure because you must set the second layer of authentication manually: If you don't change the second server-access control, it is the same as the first user name and password.

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