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Hyundai ImageQuest L91D

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Hyundai ImageQuest L91D
Artwork: Rick Rizner, John Goddard

The $330 Hyundai ImageQuest L91D carries the lowest price of any recently reviewed 19-inch LCD. In terms of image quality, you get what you pay for here--but in features, you get much more than expected. Businesses will be particularly pleased with the antitheft software, which can render the monitor useless if stolen.

Though locks and cables are practical for securing monitors, they add to the cost of keeping such hardware safe. The L91D's included antitheft software plug-in (part of ImageTune) works more subtly. When the monitor's display and power cables become disconnected and attached to a different computer, the user has a certain amount of time--set by the user or administrator--to type in a PIN. If the PIN isn't typed in, the screen shows a large warning message, rendering the display useless.

Another unexpected find, software called ImageTune that replaces the usual on-screen display (OSD) tools, arrives on an included CD. With it, you can adjust basic monitor settings such as brightness and contrast with a mouse instead of with the small, squishy membrane buttons under the bezel.

The L91D includes height and pivot adjustments, as well as tilt. Using a monitor at the proper height makes the user more comfortable; pivot adjustment helps in viewing long documents, Web pages, and the like. However, despite ImageTune's origins with Portrait Displays, maker of Pivot Pro software, this monitor lacks pivoting software. But even when you add the $40 price of Pivot Pro, the L91D remains the least expensive 19-inch monitor we've seen lately.

Although all these features seem like a steal for the price, there's one big compromise a buyer faces: performance. The L91D's image quality scores ranked among the bottom quarter for recently reviewed 19-inch LCDs. As we often find with flat panels, text appears crisp on our test screens; even a monitor solidly in the lower echelons can still receive a rating of Very Good. This one did so. It fared less favorably on graphics, with loss of detail in the lightest and darkest areas of our Web page test screen. The same problem, plus a cold blue tinge, appeared in our group photo as well. The L91D therefore earned an unspectacular graphics rating of Good.

We are used to mediocre sound from LCD monitor speakers, but the 2-watt units on this model also buzzed a bit. If you work in a cubicle farm, you may prefer to use the headphone jack instead--although you'll have to reach around to the back of the monitor to access it.

The bargain-priced Hyundai ImageQuest L91D's screen is nothing to write home about, but it offers some unusual features useful for businesses.

Hyundai ImageQuest L91D

19-inch screen, 1280-by-1024 native resolution, 12.3 pounds, one analog and one digital input; height, pivot, and tilt adjustments; TCO'03-compliant. Three-year warranty (including backlight); 8-hour weekday tech support.

Laura Blackwell

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At a Glance
  • PCWorld Rating

    This bargain-priced display is nothing to write home about, but it offers some unusual features useful for businesses.


    • Adjustment and antitheft software


    • Unimpressive image quality
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