The New Security War

Ever-increasing threats to our data, to our privacy, to our businesses, and to the Internet itself have made computing a hazardous endeavor. Familiar offenders like viruses and spam have been joined by more insidious threats--from spyware and adware infecting your PC to identity thieves who attack major databases of personal information to organized criminal gangs roaming cyberspace. In this report, we examine the new perils menacing users. The situation may look grim, but you can strike back. We review the latest spyware fighters. And we boil security down to ten tips that will help shield you from current threats--and from ones the bad guys haven't even dreamed up yet.

A PC World Special Report

The New Security War: In This Special Section
Best Defenders and Spy Sweeper Leads the Field (chart)
The Hidden Money Trail
Privacy in Peril
Is the Net Doomed?
Threat Alert: Spear Phishing
Threat Alert: Antivirus Killers
Threat Alert: Instant Messaging Attacks
10-Step Security
Security by the Numbers
More Security Resources on the Web

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