Security by the Numbers

31% of businesses rate spyware as a major threat for the next year. [Deloitte Global Security Survey, 2005]

27% of small or medium-size businesses do not use an anti-spyware product. [Forrester Research, 2005]

33% of scanned enterprise PCs were infected with adware. [Webroot State of Spyware, 2Q 2005]

80% of scanned consumer PCs were infected with spyware. [Webroot State of Spyware, 2Q 2005]

65% of businesses plan to invest in new or additional anti-spyware tools. [Forrester Research, 2005]

73% of consumers said personal data theft is a deterrent to online banking. [Ipsos Insight, 2005]

80% of surveyed firms use anti-spyware tools. [Forrester Research, 2005]

50% of scanned consumer PCs had adware present. [Webroot State of Spyware, 2Q 2005]

$300 is the cost of a do-it-yourself phishing kit. [2005 McAfee Criminology Report]

13% of Net users say they have an identity theft victim in the household. [Conference Board Research Center, 2005]

41% of Net users say they're buying less online due to security threats. [Conference Board Research Center, 2005]

30% of businesses saw unauthorized access to their data. [CSI/FBI 2005 Security Report]

$30.9 million was lost by 639 businesses due to theft of proprietary data. [CSI/FBI 2005 Security Report]

$400 billion was the overall cost of cybercrime in 2004. [2005 McAfee Criminology Report]

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