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Tangent Pendant LCD-7500

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Tangent Pendant LCD-7500
Artwork: Rick Rizner, Chris Manners

The Pendant LCD-7500 belongs in a crowded dorm room, on a cluttered kitchen counter, or anyplace else where space is at a premium. This all-in-one unit grafts a 3-GHz Pentium 4 530 PC onto the back of a 17-inch LCD display; it can act as a PC, a display, and even a cable-ready television. Another big space-saving plus: The unit's wireless mouse and keyboard dispense with cables and are convenient to store or move out of the way when not in use.

Priced at $1549, the Pendant LCD-7500 costs a bit more than a separate PC and 17-inch LCD display, but it's hundreds of dollars cheaper than similar all-in-one systems from big name manufacturers like Sony and HP. The unit we looked at comes with 1GB of DDR400 SDRAM, a double-layer DVD+/-RW drive, a 250GB hard drive, a seven-in-one media-card reader, and a television tuner with its own remote control.

Though not blazingly fast, the system's score of 80 on our WorldBench 5 applications benchmark puts it in the same ballpark with other systems that have the same CPU. Most standard computing tasks should run without a hitch, but graphics-intensive programs such as games and digital video editors may not perform well. The system's integrated Intel 915G graphics earned relatively low scores on our graphics tests.

You'll find most of the usual ports on this system: seven USB ports, two PS2 jacks, a serial port, a parallel port, an ethernet port, and sound jacks that support 7.1 audio. Except for the three USB ports on the back of the display case, all the ports are located along the bottom edge of the case. The easiest way to connect or disconnect cables is to lay the entire system on its back; and even then, the system's stand hinders access. If you need FireWire ports, you'll have to add a PCI adapter card.

Gaining access to the interior of the case involves removing 11 screws that hold the back cover in place. But you probably won't open the case very often, since the system offers little room for expansion. On the PC we examined, the TV tuner occupied the only PCI slot, but future models should come with two slots. There are no free RAM slots or open drive bays, but the case is MicroATX-compatible, so you can replace the motherboard.

Color photographs looked a bit washed out on the LCD screen, and small, 6.8-point text was hard to read at 1280 by 1024 resolution. The minimal documentation lacked a setup poster and any user-friendly guides.

This reasonably priced all-in-one PC plus television saves space but severely restricts your upgrade options.

Kirk Steers

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At a Glance
  • PCWorld Rating

    A reasonably priced all-in-one PC plus television that saves space, but has limited upgradability.


    • All-in-one PC plus TV is a space saver


    • Extremely limited expandability
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