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Top Picks: The New Web Starts Here

It's easy to become overwhelmed by the variety of features these fabulous sites offer. To cut to the chase, here are our favorites in each category.

Web mail: How does Gmail do it? Volume--nearly 3GB worth. Labels let you quickly find your old messages, which you may never have to delete.

Web work sites: ThinkFree Office Online puts a full-featured Microsoft Office double and 30MB of storage at your disposal wherever you roam.

Photo sharing: Not only does Flickr make uploading, viewing, and sharing your digital snaps simple, but it also connects easily with blogging, mapping, and other services.

Bookmark sharing: What's the buzz this morning? By sharing and tagging the highlights of your browsing at, you contribute to the zeitgeist, and you make your list of favorite sites available both to yourself and to other Web denizens from any PC.

Video sharing: does online video right, giving you tags, news-clip feeds, and storage of your clips for posterity (and for free) at the Internet Archive.

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