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Apple Adds More Fun to the iMac

At a Glance
  • Apple 20-inch iMac G5/2.1GHz

    PCWorld Rating

At a Glance
  • PCWorld Rating


    • Consistent organization of movies between computer and Front Row
    • Built-in iSight video camera
    • Includes fuller featured Mighty Mouse
    • Remote stows on side of iMac
    • Beautiful, bright display
    • Photo Booth software is really fun
    • Can support a maximum 2.5GB of RAM
    • Excellent general-use and business Mac


    • Supports second display only in mirroring mode
    • Supports only VGA (analog) connection for additional displays
    • Remote control takes some getting used to
    • Front Row has numerous, irritating quirks and omissions, its Movie Trailers server intermittently returns errors and won’t play trailers, and it won’t let you bookmark video content

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