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Collaboration and Remote-Access Tools

WriteBoard offers collaborative editing, allowing a group to create, edit, and share documents.
WriteBoard offers collaborative editing, allowing a group to create, edit, and share documents.
LogMeIn LogMeIn simplifies checking your home PC from the road: Leave your home PC connected to the Web, sign on to a Web page, and the remote-access service shows your PC's screen in the browser. Then you control your PC from afar.

GetByMail The free version of LogMeIn won't allow you to transfer files. For that, use GetByMail. Once you've installed the utility, you can use your e-mail account to send and receive files.

Backpack With this easy-to-use Web application, you or your group can create shared Web pages. Pages may include to-do lists, notes, pictures, and more.

FreeConference.com Interested in hosting a 3-hour conference call with up to a hundred participants? You can set up calls via this Web site, and people join by calling a number that FreeConference.com specifies. These calls are rarely local, so use your cell phone (if it offers free long distance) to keep this service truly free.

PBwiki Wondering about wikis? PBwiki is a great introduction to these collaboratively created Web sites. You can launch a new, password-protected wiki in just moments. The free version has ads, and gives you only 10MB of storage.

ITeamwork This Web service helps groups keep track of complicated projects. After creating a project, you can add and assign tasks, and mark them complete. iTeamwork enables you to see at a glance what still needs to be done and by whom.

WriteBoard For collaborative editing, you can't beat WriteBoard. It lets you create, edit, and share documents with others--directly in your browser. You can even compare versions to see changes.

Groove Virtual Office Groove simplifies collaboration by letting you create shared workspaces where you and others can work on documents together, discuss plans, and more. After 60 days, the trial version of Groove loses some features, such as file synchronization--but its core collaboration features remain usable.

Netomat This social networking service permits you to share information via a PC or cell phone. Create a "hub" based on an RSS feed or your own content, and invite some friends; whenever the hub receives new photos or other content, the update gets beamed to every member of the group via SMS or via the Netomat Hub application, which runs on their computers or compatible cell phones.

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