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Notebook Review: Dell's Core 2 Duo Notebook

Dell's new XPS M1210, which uses Intel's Core 2 Duo chip, recently earned PC World's Best Buy distinction on our ultraportables chart. The Dell notebook earned a PCW Rating of 83 (very good), thanks to its zippy speed, solid battery life (4 hours, 23 minutes in our tests), and other pluses.

Notebook News: Centrino's Successor Coming

The successor to Intel's Centrino chip set for notebooks, dubbed "Santa Rosa," is expected to show up in notebooks during the first half of 2007. Santa Rosa is expected provide improved CPU power, battery life, and wireless connectivity.

Gadget News: Nokia's Music Phones and Service

Nokia's been a bit of a laggard in the area of multimedia-equipped phones. But the company is making efforts to get in the game with its new N75. The phone is Nokia's smallest multimedia model for the U.S. market and will cost between $350 and $390 when it's available later this year. Nokia also announced a music service, also due by year-end, that will let users browse a Web site to read music recommendations.

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