Readers Report: The Products You Miss Most

I don't miss too many technology products or services. In fact, I was--or in some cases, will be--glad to see many of them go. See you in hell, Windows 95! What's your hurry, here's your hat, America Online! Die, Microsoft Access!

But we all have a few rosy recollections of great old products of the past. When we posted our story "The 30 Products and Services We Miss Most," many of you chimed in on our forums, posting remembrances of your favorite products and services from the good old days. Looking at those posts, I was struck by how many of you still miss old Borland and Lotus products, for example, while only one person pines for the sweet, sweet sound of a dial-up modem.

Because some of these products went away a long time ago, you may not remember every one of them--at least, not right away. So we did a little light digging to expand on the memories you submitted. Here's a look at your favorites.

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