Be a PC Crime Fighter: Keep Your Hardware Safe

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Watch for Snoops

Rogue keylogger programs aren't the only way for hackers to capture your passwords, e-mails, and other keyboard input; KeyKatcher from Allen Concepts ( records keystrokes in a small device that fits between your keyboard cable and its PS2 or USB port on your PC. Use it to monitor keystrokes on your PC while you're away. The device costs $69 with 64KB of storage and $119 with 256KB.

Use one finger to rule them all: To control access without using a password, try Microsoft's $40 Fingerprint Reader; see Figure 3

Figure 3: Toss your passwords in favor of a swipe of your finger by using a device such as Microsoft's Fingerprint Reader.
). Just swipe your finger instead of typing a password. Andrew Brandt offers tips on using these products.

Get a good grind: You shred your sensitive paper documents, but what can you do to destroy the sensitive data on CDs and DVDs headed for the trash? Aleratec makes CD/DVD shredders that you can find online for as little as $37. (See the Security Tips column on for more ways to zap your digital data before you trash a disc.)

If all else fails, get some exorcise: Is your PC haunted? Many computers certainly act as if they are. Check your system with GhostRadar, a USB device that "detects paranormal energies." Unfortunately, we couldn't rigorously test this device--though we've got a call in to Bill Murray.

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