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Chart: Mapping Services Compared

The best online maps give you great directions and imagery, and easy access to business (especially restaurant) reviews.

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Map Site Features Best feature Bottom line
Winner Google Maps -Road, satellite, and hybrid views
-Multisource reviews
-Point-to-point driving directions
A business's location bubble shows a phone number and a link to reviews. Google's speed, integration of reviews from sites like Yelp, and high-quality images make it the best choice, but other contenders are getting close.
Runner-up Maps and Directions -Road, satellite, and topographic views
-No reviews
-10-waypoint walking/driving directions
You can drag location markers on the map and have directions updated instantly.'s exceptional overlay of streets on satellite images and handy walking directions shine; but its lack of business searching and reviews, and its slow performance in rendering maps and computing long-distance directions, make it a second-fiddle choice.
Runner-up Windows Live Local -Road, satellite, and bird's-eye images
-No reviews
-Point-to-point driving directions
You can add pushpins to a map and save them for future reference. Microsoft's offering includes live traffic, stunning birds-eye (close-up) views, a great wide-screen view, one-click orientation change, and extensive sharing and saving functions. But the interface is busy, the business search is weak, and many features--not surprisingly--don't work in the Firefox 2.0 browser.
Runner-up Yahoo Maps Beta -Road, satellite, and hybrid views
-Reviews only from Yahoo Local
-10-plus waypoint driving directions
A thumbnail map allows you to reposition the detailed main map. Yahoo Maps Beta relies on Flash, not JavaScript, which makes the initial load time longer but allows for a pretty interface. Yahoo integrates traffic data well, but its satellite imagery lags behind competitors, and it's not nearly as accurate in finding places by name as Google.
Also-ran MapQuest -Road, satellite, and topographic views
-No reviews
-10-point driving directions
Makes creating directions that avoid toll roads or highways very easy. The original mapping site, MapQuest has finally updated its service to include now-old-hat draggable maps and satellite imagery. But the satellite imagery is of low quality compared with that of other sites, searching by business name is hit-and-miss, and the ads on three sides of the map are distracting.
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