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Chart: Web-Based Spreadsheets Compared

Only Google Docs and Spreadsheets allows multiple people to work on the same document at the same time.

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Spreadsheet Features Best feature Bottom line
Winner Google Docs and Spreadsheets -Real-time collaborative editing
-Maximum of 20 sheets per spreadsheet
-No charts
The service instantly saves documents. The lack of charts is a glaring omission, but the app's speed and instant saving of changes make it stand out. Its robustness and features--like the ability to freeze header rows, its unique capability to let you collaborate with others in real time, and integration with Google's word processor--all make this a great choice for business use.
Runner-up Zoho Sheet -Document sharing
-Maximum of 101 sheets per spreadsheet
-4 basic chart templates
A panel lists all your spreadsheets and lets you switch documents quickly. Zoho Sheet's clear icon-based controls, snappy response, intuitive keyboard navigation, graphs, and sharing options (which let you decide who can read particular worksheets in a document) make this an excellent tool for collaboration. It should improve as Zoho adds real-time collaboration and integrates it with other office offerings.
Also-ran ThinkFree -Document sharing
-Maximum of 101 sheets per spreadsheet
-14 powerful chart templates
Java-based power-editing mode makes it feel as good as or better than Excel. ThinkFree uses a client-side Java applet for power editing, which means that it's mostly running on your computer, rather than on the Web. It's part of a powerful Web suite, but it requires a plug-in to work, and its reliance on an applet for the heavy lifting makes it slow.
Also-ran NumSum -Document sharing
-Maximum of 1 sheet per spreadsheet
-3 basic chart templates
Spreadsheets are public by default and allow commenting, tagging, and rating. NumSum is inappropriate for serious business applications due to its inability to highlight multiple cells, its cut-and-paste limit of just a single cell, and its lack of support for multiple worksheets. Despite those limitations, it has a surprisingly wide range of features and is easy to use.
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