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Notebook News: Vista Could Drain Your Notebook Battery

Planning to upgrade to Microsoft's Windows Vista? Be forewarned: The graphics features in Microsoft's new operating system may be a drag on your notebook battery. The potential battery drain is caused by the extra power required to run the high-end processors, graphics cards, and memory capacity necessary to support Vista.

Smart Phone Reviews: Nokia's E62 Tops the Chart

With an overall PCW Rating of 84 (Very Good), the Nokia E62 recently earned the number-one spot on our Top 10 Cell Phone-PDAs chart. The E62 earned kudos for its superior performance, with a perfect score of 100; roomy keyboard, as smart phones go; and great selection of software.

Year in Review: The Biggest Tech Mistakes of 2006

What was the number-one biggest technology mistake, blunder, or gaffe of 2006? Was it all the laptops containing people's personal information that were stolen or lost? No, that blunder was only number six on our list of the 21 worst boo-boos of 2006. The flaming Sony lithium ion laptop battery received top honors; read "The Top 21 Tech Screwups of 2006" for the rest of the list.

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