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News: Vista May Have Greater Impact on Notebooks

Notebooks, which are typically less powerful than desktops, should reap many benefits from the performance enhancements of Windows Vista. For example, Vista's ReadyDrive will enable your system to boot and awaken from sleep mode more quickly. And Windows SuperFetch, a feature new to Vista, is designed to learn what your most commonly launched applications are and preload them into memory.

News: Palm Finally Pushes E-Mail

Been waiting for Palm to deliver an e-mail solution that delivers messages to your phone automatically? Your wait is over, as long as you have a Treo 680 or a Treo 780p. A free, downloadable update to Palm's VersaMail program pushes e-mail directly to a supported Treo, like a RIM BlackBerry device. Push technology uses less battery power than scheduled e-mail syncs.

News: Is Metro Wi-Fi Faster Than Cellular?

Metro Wi-Fi networks in 14 North American cities and towns delivered twice the performance of even true 3G cellular data networks, according to tests conducted by Novarum, an independent consulting company. In Novarum's tests, metro Wi-Fi offered average speeds of 869 kilobits per second downstream. In comparison, true 3G networks ran at 300 kbps to 400 kbps downstream, while 2.5G networks offered only a fraction of that.

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