35 Easy Fixes for Network Problems

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Online Resources for Networking Problems

Are you looking for help with a networking problem? Chances are you'll find the advice or instructions you need at one of these sites.

Practically Networked: The leading home and small-business networking site, with tips and tutorials on everything from setting up file sharing to using dynamic DNS services. The troubleshooting guides are invaluable, and an active peer-help forum is another great resource.

SmallNetBuilder: A bit more techie than Practically Networked, with articles dedicated to such specialized topics as how to set up LAN parties and how to crack WEP encryption. You will also find very good FAQs and tutorials on general networking issues.

Wi-Fi Planet: The place to go for truly deep wireless tutorials and testing. Don't miss the site's articles discussing SSID spoofing and the use of VPNs at public hotspots. Has an active discussion area, too.

CERT Home Network Security: A comprehensive and unbiased guide to home network security, maintained by the Carnegie Mellon-based Computer Emergency Response Team, a federally funded Internet security research and development center. The guide also serves as a fantastic primer on networking terms and technology. It's required reading for the network administrator in your home.

SecurityNow: Great network security resource, with transcripts of Steve Gibson's and Leo Laporte's weekly SecurityNow podcasts, which translate complex security issues into plain language for a broad spectrum of visitors.

Shields Up: Also from Steve Gibson, a very popular free Internet security test site. Go here to find out about holes (such as open ports) in your network that potential hackers could exploit, as well as useful tips on how to close them.

Port Forward: Need help removing roadblocks obstructing desirable traffic to and from your network? At this site you can examine a comprehensive list of ports used by Internet games, streaming video, and other applications, with port-forwarding setup guides for most popular routers.

DynDNS: Most ISPs assign IP addresses dynamically, meaning that yours is always changing. But if you need a fixed IP address for your Web server, Webcam, or media streamer, DynDNS's Dynamic DNS service will provide it--and will do so free of charge for home users.

MacWindows: Your best resource for cross-platform problem solving, including details on how to connect Macs to Windows servers and vice versa.

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