The 100 Best Products of 2007

The Top 100 Products, Numbers 21 to 30

21. SightSpeed 6
(videoconferencing software; free) The best videoconferencing app we've tested improved further in version 6 with a tabbed interface for contacts. Even better: SightSpeed is still free. Download

22. Kayak
(travel site; free) This travel search engine consistently digs up the best deals on airfare, hotels, and rentals by searching though a vast range of sites and databases. Web Site

23. Nikon D40X
(digital SLR camera; $599) Nikon's shockingly affordable entry-level digital SLR includes a capable help system so that SLR newbies can get the most out of the camera. Check Prices

24. Times Reader
(news viewer; $15 per month after free trial) More than just a nifty Vista demo, Times Reader is an entirely new way to consume news. Download it and treat yourself to New York Times stories in a format that's as clickable as a Web page but as readable as print. Vendor Site

Samsung BlackJack
25. Samsung BlackJack
(smart phone; $150) This Windows Mobile-based smart phone for Cingular's 3G HSDPA service beats the Motorola Q at its own game. It's thin, light, multimedia-savvy, and of course a great device for e-mail and text messaging. Review | Check Prices

Apple 80GB iPod
26. Apple iPod, 80GB
(MP3 player; $349) Apple may not want to proclaim it the true video iPod, but this 80GB model is more than capable of storing a complete MP3 collection along with a few movies and TV shows. Test Report | Check Prices

27. Yahoo Mail Beta
(Web-based e-mail; free) Its Ajax interface makes it the closest yet to Outlook in your browser--without the security holes. Vendor Site

TomTom One
28. TomTom One
(GPS navigation system; $499) With high-quality maps, clear driving directions, and a slim LCD screen, the TomTom One is the in-car GPS unit lots of people were waiting for. Review | Check Prices

29. Dell Ultrasharp 2407WFP
(wide-screen monitor; $669) Samsung's wide-screen display may look a bit better, but Dell's frequent discounts make this 24-inch monitor particularly affordable. Review | Check Prices

30. Zoho
(office suite; free) Integration gives Google's online office suite the overall edge, but the polished interface of Zoho's offering has its fans. Zoho Writer is particularly good. Review

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