Is Google Too Big?

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What Google Knows About You

Relying on Google's free services can boost your productivity, but they may also put your privacy on the line, your business at risk, and your data out of reach. Click on the icon below to see our chart of Google services and their potential risks.

Service Risks
Google Search Privacy: Tying your search history to your browsing activities via the DoubleClick advertising network gives the company a much more detailed view of your online activities.
Gmail Privacy: The routing information and content of your mail--including any attachments--reside unencrypted on Google servers. Legal liability: Loss of, or unauthorized access to, business correspondence increases your company's legal exposure.
Google Docs and Spreadsheets Privacy: Your files are stored unencrypted on Google servers. Legal liability: A business could be found negligent if it loses, or allows unauthorized access to, business documents. Loss of access: Until applications supporting Google Gears arrive, you lose access to your files when your Internet connection fails.
Picasa Web Albums Privacy: Photographs in albums designated "unlisted" can still be viewed by anyone who knows the URL. Loss of access: At present you have no option to view or back up your albums offline.
Google Calendar Privacy: Your daily schedule and associated information reside unencrypted on Google servers. Legal liability: Loss of, or unauthorized access to, business information puts your company at risk. Loss of access: You can't open your calendar without an Internet link, although this will change with the arrival of the Google Gears browser extension.
Google Desktop Privacy: If you neglect to lock the search function, anyone using your PC has access to your personal files. Legal liability: Copies of business documents may be stored on Google servers, making them susceptible to loss or unauthorized access.
Google Talk Privacy: Instant-message logs can be archived and searched in Gmail.
Google Product Search Privacy: A log of your product searches could be associated with your browsing history via the pending DoubleClick acquisition.
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