Early IPTV Uses Only a Little of Its Fat Pipe

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Internet via Fiber

TV isn't the only draw for fiber-to-the-home services: FiOS offers Internet access at potentially astounding speeds, and FiOS users reported the highest satisfaction rates of any group in our recent ISP survey.

FiOS provides speeds of 15 mbps downstream and 2 mbps upstream for $50 a month, versus Comcast's $43-per-month basic cable-modem service, which delivers 6 mbps and 384 kbps respectively. U-verse has packages similar to cable, with 6 mbps downstream and 1 mbps upstream for $35 per month. For serious (and affluent) speed junkies, Verizon offers 30-mbps downloads and 5-mbps uploads for $200 a month.

Both FiOS TV and U-verse are viable competitors to cable and satellite TV. But it will take more ambition on their part for their services to become truly superior.

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