Funniest iPhone YouTube Videos

As the first bills roll in for many of the iPhone devotees, some of the initial enchantment with the device appears to be waning. So what better time to buoy their spirits with the top 10 funniest iPhone YouTube videos and revive any of the happiness that might have headed out the door with that check to AT & T? Number 10 is especially pertinent for those who may have permanently "lost that loving feeling" toward their iPhone. Hint: they do blend.

We'll start with a primer on iPhone bills and then continue with the Top 10.

1. iRack: First up is an amusing look at Apple's Steve Jobs introducing one of the iPhone's successors, the iRack. However, the audience is surprised to learn that Apple hasn't put enough planning into iRack -- as a result it is unstable and could collapse on itself. However, Jobs assures the audience that, "the intelligence briefs I got on the iRack are completely credible."

2. Driving: Next is a cautionary tale for anyone who attempts to use the iPhone while driving, or to read an iPhone AT & T bill that - could be as long as hundreds of pages in some cases - when behind the wheel.

3. Versus regular cell: For those whose bill may have you debating the iPhone versus a return to a "regular" cell phone.

4. I'm a Mac:Another humorous debate between the iPhone and cell phone in honor of the famous "I'm a Mac, and I'm a PC" commercials.

5. Razor?: Alas, if the bloom has worn off the iPhone's music, Internet browsing, phone calling features, try it as a condiment dispenser, razor, sonogram machine, Mace, lip gloss or cheese grater.

6. Stalking?: And take heart, the iPhone can be very useful for pursuing (read stalking) the love of your life.

7. Wee ones: For former "Crackberry" addicts who may be yearning for a fix from their original device drug of choice, remember that the iPhone can't show movies, thus leading to the possibility - as this wee one found -- of less popcorn. The horror!

8. Angry Jobs: Angering Steve Jobs might lead to fearful consequences, as this video makes spookily clear.

9. Begging: iPhone owners can always take to the streets to beg for the funds to pay a bill, as this man did in an attempt to procure the pricey device.

10. Will it blend?: Finally, as promised, an option for those who just can't face the bill. It will blend.

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