Give Your Facebook Page a Much-Needed Lift

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Make Your Facebook Page Your Own by Adding These Freebies

A farrago of Facebook freebies.
A farrago of Facebook freebies.
Applications, the newest wrinkle in Facebook pages, hook you up with your friends in various ways. Unfortunately, not every application in Facebook's library delivers real benefits to you and your buds. Here are some of my favorite Facebook extras; truly useful apps are few and far between. The applications also have a viral quality that you need to be wary of. The best way to avoid page clutter is by resisting the temptation to install frivolous apps.

Yes, you absolutely have to know exactly what your friends are doing and thinking right now--and the Twitter app tells you.

There's nothing like reinforcement to help you learn a language. This add-on keeps class in session.

Radio as you've never heard it over the airwaves comes straight to your Facebook page via MediaMaster Radio.

Someday I may tire of silly, painful-to-watch YouTube videos, but I haven't yet.

Share snaps in seconds by adding the My Flickr app.

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