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Top Applications Put a Shine on Your Facebook

Due to the viral nature of Facebook applications, the most popular ones are not necessarily the best. For help in finding the silver needles in the tinsel haystack, here's a starter list of some of my favorites. To locate and install any of these applications, click edit next to Applications in the left column, choose Browse More Applications, and enter the application title in the Search Apps field.

Facebook Mobile: This program lets you upload photos from your cell phone, send and receive messages and wall posts, and look up your friends' cell phone numbers via text messaging and your phone's mobile browser. Caveat: As we went to press, the app didn't work with the T-Mobile service.

My Flickr: Just as you might expect, the freebie puts a box filled with thumbnails from your Flickr account on your Facebook page. Select the number of thumbnails you want to show, and then choose the photos by tag, date, or photo set. If you upload your pictures to Google's photo site instead of to Flickr, try Picasa Galleries.

MediaMaster Radio: Even without this Facebook application, MediaMaster is a cool service that lets you rip your CDs and upload them to MediaMaster's site, and then listen to the music files on any computer or audio device connected to the Internet. Adding the Facebook version to your profile lets your friends stream your tunes at full quality, too.

YouTube Video Box: What's the point of assembling any kind of personalized Web page if you can't stick a YouTube video on it? This app does the job--just add the URL.

Twitter: If you spend all of your time updating your Facebook status anyway, you might as well install Twitter's application there.

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