Ditch Your Desktop for a Laptop

Desktop PCs have some advantages over laptops. They tend to accommodate expansion better. They don't break as often. And you usually get more computing power for the money.

But have you ever tried using your desktop PC at a Starbucks? On an airplane? In bed?

For people who like the power of desktop PCs but crave mobility, too, desktop replacement notebooks are the way to go. They're the most powerful laptops you can buy. Some include features that used to be found only in desktops, such as dual hard drives and high-end graphics chips. And a few include monster-size, 20.1-inch LCDs--bigger than many desktop monitors.

Every year, we review hundreds of laptops. For this guide, we've picked three recent favorites from our Top 10 Power Laptops chart. Each offers something different (one runs Mac and Windows; one has a huge screen; one comes in an array of colors). We've also assembled some tips to help you determine whether a desktop replacement is the right computer for you.

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