Super Bowl Site Hosts State-of-the-Art Wireless

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Flexible Wi-Fi Coverage, Expansion

The Cisco Wi-Fi access points are collected in the various remote hubs, where they're plugged into a Mobile Access aggregator. The number of access points varies with the expected Wi-Fi demand in a given area. "For us, the majority of Wi-Fi requests are in the press box during a football game," Feller says.

When more Wi-Fi capacity is needed, additional access points are simply plugged in. Temporary steel-frame and drywall booths and rooms are installed at the top of the stadium, and these and some areas outside the stadium will also get Wi-Fi connectivity. According to Feller, Wi-Fi use on the stadium floor and in fan seating is increasing, as more handsets appear with both cellular and Wi-Fi radios. (Learn more about Wireless LAN Management products in our Wireless LAN Management Buyers Guide.

The public safety net is a separate infrastructure, with its own transmitters, repeaters and other equipment, all fully controlled by the public safety agencies that rely on them.

So far, there has been no interference from the broadcast television trucks, with their massive microwave radios, which park along the south side of the stadium during games. The only interference Feller expects will be the kind on the playing field when the undefeated New England Patriots meet the hard-charging New York Giants on Feb. 3.

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