Will Xperia X1 Oust iPhone In Mobile Supremacy Battle?

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Panel Power

Given its plethora of features, Sony has sought to facilitate user control over the device in a variety of ways.

For instance, the home screen featuring nine panels that can be configured by the user is provided in lieu of the conventional Windows Mobile home screen.

The panels are large blocks on the home screen that let users quickly access various applications.

However, once you get beyond the home screen you encounter the familiar Windows Mobile interface.

The phone's slick panel interface is a feature generated evoked a great deal of comments in blogs and social networking sites.

Minutes after the launch several videos demos of the Xperia X1 interface were posted on YouTube -- and the blogosphere was replete with comments hailing various features of the device -- everything from the sliding QWERTY to the 800x480 touch screen with a higher pixel density than the iPhone,

"This is awesome," one blogger wrote. "Even though I'm pretty much ok with my iPhone, I wouldn't mind exchanging it for Xperia X1."

More Ways Than One to Navigate

Another user-friendly capability is the multiple navigation options.

Users have various options to interact with the phone -- touch, full QWERTY keyboard (which can be accessed by sliding the screen upwards), four-way key and optical joystick navigation.

According to Sony it's really easy to switch between various operational modes.

Likewise, "ample distance between keys", we are told, will make typing easy.

Fast data transfer capabilities -- via HSDPA/HSUPA and Wi-Fi -- are included to make the make this device attractive to mobile professionals.

Likewise Xperia X1 includes all the typical PDA capabilities -- and then some more.

Along with the calculator, calendar, tasks scheduler, phone book, alarm clock and notes features -- you also have certain other capabilities such as handwriting recognition, and document editors.

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