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Glossary of Social Networking Terms

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Illustration: Harry Campbell
Add: n. The act of gaining a new friend, and social networking's common currency, as in "Dude, thanks for the add."

Block: v. To configure your social networking service to prevent a particular user from contacting you or viewing your profile.

Check-in: n. In mobile social networking, an electronic message that alerts your group of friends that you have arrived at the local pub and are ready to party.

Cyberbully: v. To attack, harass, or ridicule a fellow community member via posted text, video, or other electronic means.

Defriend: v. The inverse of adding a friend, and the very epitome of coldness. Same as unfriend.

Faceslam: v. To ignore a Facebook friend request from someone you don't know and/or wish would just go away.

Facestalk: v. To scan, jealously, the Facebook profiles and photos of people you know, are going out with, or are going out with in your dreams.

Friend: v. To request that another user add you as a friend--sometimes an awkward moment for the social networker.

MySpace Suicide: n. The act of deleting one's MySpace account forever.

Nudge: v. On Twitter, to send a message notifying someone you follow that they're not posting frequently enough.

Poke: n. On Facebook, a feature that lets other users know that you're looking at their profile, and possibly stalking them.

RL: n. Real life--the world of flesh, bone, and face-to-face meetings that existed before the Web browser.

Slurping: n. The ability of most social networks to import your Web-based mail contacts to see if any are already on the service. Watch out for slurpers that spam every contact with membership invites.

Twitterrhea: n. A condition resulting in an excess of Twitter posts. For even more Twitter jargon, see the Twitter Fan Wiki's glossary.

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