Wii Fit Update may Arrive Online

Downloadable updates could be coming to Wii Fit, game designer Shigeru Miyamoto said last week.

Nintendo might consider plans to update the Wii Fit channel with nutritional data by way of a download. The additional functionality, not launching with software on May 19, would then be used to further slim fatty gamers.

In terms of inspiration, Miyamoto said the game was inspired several years ago while looking at graphs of his weight. At one point, the designer even considered Wii Fit connectivity with the portable DS.

Additionally, Miyamoto said Wii Fit is unique in that the purchasing decision is made by parents about 90 percent of the time, as opposed to kids who usually pick the desired family games. The cited percentage presumably comes from Japanese sales, which have been raging since the game's release in the country last December.

This story, "Wii Fit Update may Arrive Online" was originally published by GamePro.

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