Reader Rants: Vista at Work, GTA, Lousy Keyboards

Is Microsoft's Windows Vista coming to your workplace? One analyst says that a business shift to Vista is "inevitable." However, many readers disagree, saying that their workplace is either switching away from Windows or is still on older versions. What OS do you use at work? Let us know.

The (probably inevitable) rants and protests against Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto IV have begun, and many of you think the spotlight should get shined right back onto parents. Should parents allow their kids to play this game? Does this game encourage violence and drunk driving, or is it just a fun way to blow off some steam? Share your thoughts.

We've named the ten worst keyboards of all time, and now it's your turn to commiserate with us, or tell us what we missed. Some readers think that older keyboards had cool features, while others think that some new keyboards are terrible. What keyboard do you use, and why do you like it? Join the discussion.

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Vista "Inevitable" at Work, Analyst Says

Danthrax says: I will never move my company to Vista. I've been an avid supporter of Windows NT since setting up a domain in version 3.1. If Microsoft actually fails to support XP before rolling out an acceptable replacement for Vista, I will bite the bullet and move to Ubuntu, enterprise-wide.

BUBBA says: I think Microsoft should be slapped with a class-action lawsuit. The fact that they are forcing every user--corporate or personal--to switch to Vista or higher and spend a lot of time and money is insane when there is nothing wrong with XP and XP Pro.

Blackcross says: Microsoft has every right to stop supporting a product of theirs. They also are a corporation dedicated to making money. If you don't like their new products, don't buy. If they stop supporting the product you are using, which they are entitled to do, then switch to something else. Since when has the American dream morphed into "whine now and sue later"?

Earnvb says: As someone working in the IT branch outside the U.S. I see this as a worst-case scenario that caught the industry by surprise, because of the relatively small time frame between the launch and adaptation of Vista and the termination of XP support.

Read the posts in this thread and contribute your own opinion.

Rants Begin Against Grand Theft Auto IV

BloombergSucks says: I find it hypocritical that they want to ban a video game, claiming that it promotes violence--and in any Wal-Mart live ammo is sold without any form of control. All the activists and mothers and Bloomberg say nothing. Wake up people! Guns and ammo kill people, not video games.

Pcbuff56 says: The real problem is the sick attitude that so many kids and adults have. They like to fantasize about killing people. What is so great about that? Why spend endless hours in front of the computer, simulating murdering people, when you could do something positive in real life?

p0pS says: I really don't get why all these so-called adults keep referring to "kids." This game clearly hit the shelves with a "M" rating. I won't be buying this game for my kids, just like I wouldn't buy them cigarettes--which also have an age restriction. Maybe all the authorities that are against it should police the parents that buy these "Mature" titles for their kids, and allow us who are of age to enjoy this game for what it is--a game.

Sproket says: I tried to drive drunk in the game one time. Guess what? Immediate wanted-level cops after you instantly. You'll probably make it about two feet before you crash, or you'll get arrested if you are drunk, resulting in loss of cash and immediate arrest. Driving drunk in GTA IV doesn't pay any more than it does in real life. If anything the game teaches you that drunk driving is a really bad idea--but loser reactionary mouthpiece types who have never played the game will never know that. Sad.

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The 10 Worst PC Keyboards of All Time

NotSure says: This is nothing more than a thinly veiled attack on everything not PC or Mac. Yes, the IBM PC Jr is there, but that is every PC user's whipping boy. There were good reasons for some machines having many uses on keyboards.

Tdigennaro says: There have indeed been many bad keyboards, before it settled down to the "standards" that we have today. A major remaining flaw is the Caps Lock key. It's only useful to people who don't understand the etiquette of e-mail.

Motrucker says: This piece missed some of the really bad keyboards, and seemed to focus on Commodore. I can't believe people are still flogging CBM!

Mcbarker says: How about a modern nightmare keyboard... Has anyone tried Logitech's modern looking, very pretty, and grossly overpriced DiNovo keyboard set?

Read the posts in this thread and contribute your own opinion.

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