Reader Rants: Vista at Work, GTA, Lousy Keyboards

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Gateway FHD2400 Black/Silver 24" Widescreen LCD Monitor: I have never seen such a great monitor. This monitor is the best of the best.
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AnyTV: This is a must-have program to watch TV on the Internet--many channels.
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Xerox CopyCentre C118 Digital Copier: This copier was defective and never worked properly even when brand new. Even after tech tried to fix it, the machine still would not copy. Xerox and its authorized dealer,, would not replace the machine or willingly refund the cost.
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Eusing Free Registry Cleaner: Even though I check the Registry for leftovers after installing software, this cleaner found and removed over 1171 stray Registry entries. (XP reinstalled about 25 of them.) No ill effects were caused to my installed software. Excellent program!
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WD My Book Essential Edition 2.0 External 500GB Hard Drive: I've had two failures shortly after warranty expiration. Overall I would not recommend the myBook line of drives to anyone who is considering long-term use. The exposure to data loss is great. I would never recommend this drive for system backups.
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