Xbox Live Gamertag Bans Get out of Hand

First it was Linux, then it was names with sexual preferences (like "gay"). Thursday, Microsoft appears ready to ban anyone who's given name, or surname, includes words deemed offensive by the Xbox Live community at large.

The latest victim of Microsoft's crusade to rid Xbox Live of "gay" references is Richard Gaywood, a U.K. resident whose legal surname happens to include the word "gay."

Kotaku has since confirmed that the person is real, but regardless his Gamertag has been banned.

Also banned in recent memory was the theGayerGamer. According to Microsoft, any Gamertag that includes a sexual innuendo or otherwise offends the Xbox Live community will be banned. In Microsoft's defense, however, in that case the ban occurred because of complaints by Xbox Live community members, not Microsoft filters.

This story, "Xbox Live Gamertag Bans Get out of Hand" was originally published by GamePro.

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