'USB Devices' Bound for Wii

An official job listing at Nintendo of America suggests that multiple USB devices are on their way to Wii, this amid storage concerns for the console that lacks a hard drive.

The job opening, as posted on Nintendo.com three days ago, is for a "Software/Hardware Tester" that can create and execute a "test plan for Wii's USB devices." Nintendo has yet to publicly announce any USB devices for Wii, however, although the console supports the protocol.

The news comes as Wii owners struggle to manage downloadable content and games, given the console's limiting 512MB internal memory. Both the Xbox 360 and PS3 feature internal hard drives for mass storage.

Nintendo responded to storage concerns last week saying, "Consumers have the option of either deleting the game and downloading it again for no additional Wii Points, or transferring the game from Wii to external SD memory card."

Previously, Nintendo has likened the file management and limited storage space of Wii to that of a refrigerator, suggesting gamers should "pull something out and put something back in" when software isn't being used.

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