17 Greasemonkey Scripts to Turbocharge Your Browser

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Gmail Enhancements

Overclock Gmail and boost your productivity with these essential scripts.

8. Gmail Addons

Gmail Addons integrates Gmail, Google Calendar, and other Web apps into a single window for an all-in-one productivity command center.
If you've ditched your desktop e-mail applications (Microsoft Outlook and the like) but you miss being able to manage your e-mail and agenda through a single-window command center, you need the Gmail Addons user script.

By default, the script embeds Google Calendar inside Gmail so you can access both from the same place, but it can also embed Google Reader, the popular Remember the Milk to-do list application, and other great productivity Web apps via additional scripts designed specifically to enhance the functionality of Gmail Addons.

9. Gmail Macros

Gmail is easily the best Web-based e-mail application on the planet, so you might be surprised to learn that a Greasemonkey script called Gmail Macros drastically changes Gmail for the better. Created by a Google employee (though not as an official Google project), Gmail Macros enhances Gmail's already robust set of keyboard shortcuts, so you can navigate your inbox and label your e-mail messages on the fly, without taking your hands off the keyboard. Better yet, it accomplishes all of this through an easy-to-use graphical interface that takes the guesswork out of remembering the keyboard shortcuts.

10. Gmail Attachment Icons

Get a heads-up on e-mail attachment file types with Gmail Attachment Icons.
With nearly 7GB of storage space--and counting--available, you probably share more file attachments through e-mail than ever before. At its default settings, Gmail indicates e-mail attachments with a generic paperclip icon and provides no hint as to the type of file attached. The Gmail Attachment Icons script embeds small icons in place of the generic catch-all to indicate whether the attachment is a picture, a Word document, a PDF, an MP3, or a zip file.

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